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OUAT Rant!!! ( May include Spoilers )

Okay so Yes this Episode had me in Tears and I Love Neal and Hook, but my problem is How Everyone is talking about How Neal was a Bad Guy because he Left Emma Yet I seem to Recall Hook Trying to Kill a Couple of People when he was with Cora. I mean yeah it was mostly Hate Towards Rumple but he WAS bad, they both we’re Get Over It!! Another thing is EVERYONE in the Fandom seems to 100% think Emma is Going to end up with Hook YES I SHIP THEM ASWELL! But what if they Change Everything up on Us We don’t know!! And the last thing I Wanna say is OH MY GOSH Regina and Robin Hood Everytime there in a Room together this is my face ๐Ÿ˜ SHIPPED!!!!

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